Drop the High Followings on your Instagram Account.. Learn Why.

Hey there and welcome to today’s article in this we’re going to be covering why you should be keeping a lower following on Instagram. With this, we’re going to be covering some of the top reasons that we believe everything stated here to be true. We would at least hope so, seeing as how we log it as a metric here at AlphaReady! Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of why you should stop with the high followings on your account.


Why Should You Have a Lower Following?

The reason that you should have a lower following on Instagram is due to the fact that Instagram themselves has limits in place for the number of people that you can be following in total on your account, more information can be found here. Realistically it would be extremely hard for any user to follow more than 7500 users on their account and stay up-to-date with every single person that they’re following, it would be extremely difficult. While taking this into consideration; Instagram wants to have a community or platform that is extremely active with engagement on content, to them this would be everything from liking, commenting, to direct messaging users with networking. It’s not like we have access to Instagrams information and the way that they work directly, however, to us this would seem to make the most sense, logically.

We’ve found when an account had a lower number of people it was following, that accounts performed much better than when you have a higher following amount. The reason for this is mainly due to psychological factors such as the account generally looking more appealing to any user that comes across your account on Instagram. This is why we really do recommend that you keep your following lower on Instagram and avoid the potential backlash directly from this. Not only this but you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to get targeted followers on Instagram by dropping some of the clutter on your account.

Drop The High Followings on your Instagram Account

AlphaReady also uses this metric ourselves and keep constant tabs on it for all of our clients. So what do we call it? We call it influence rate. We provide this in all reports for all accounts across our analytics dashboard, you can simply get it from generating a report. If this is a feature you’re interested in grabbing for yourself you can signup here for our services with stellar results for growing your Instagram account. Back to the subject topic, the reason we do this is that it looks attractive to potential advertisers, fans, and any new traffic that comes across your account on Instagram!


How do You Calculate Influence Rate?

You might be wondering how do we log the influence rate? Well if this is something you’re interested in doing all you have to do is take your total followers number and the current count of your followings (The people you’re following) and divide the followers by the followings. Just to note the higher the value the better, a higher number will generally result in higher spikes in engagement rates, increase in new users following your account, and overall just a better user experience on the platform. Seems like it’s a big win to not have high followings on your account, right?

Everything presented here is going to benefit your account in the long run, but it’s also going to save you from having a sloppy feed on your Instagram account. This is enabling yourself the chance to keep a clean feed and stay up-to-date with friends and families post for content on Instagram that you truly do want to be seeing and engaging with. Realistically, why wouldn’t you start getting rid of the high followings on your account? It really will and can be beneficial when done properly!


The following graphc is from one of our accounts ran personally here on AlphaReady. Just to show the influence rate is a metric we do track across all accounts.

influence rate graph


Final Recap

I hope that this guide and information has helped you so that you can avoid the deadly traps of Instagram by having a high following. Try and think about it as an outsider’s perspective (so somebody who is not yourself) and you’ll find that you wouldn’t necessarily want to engage with someone who does have a higher following, because you really don’t know how active they might be on your Instagram account or how active they might be as well, don’t worry too much about the unfollowers Instagram accounts you might come across. You could start the process to mass unfollow Instagram users across your account with our services, or start doing it yourself, either way, it’ll be fine! Just incase you decided you wanted to get those users back we offer a option to copy followers instagram tool if you’re needing a backup of the current users that you’re following!

If you found some value in this article please feel free to check out our guide on how you yourself can be getting over 10,000 followers on Instagram, it shouldn’t be much longer of a read than this and we guarantee you that those tactics on that article are going to benefit you in the long run!

Side-Note: If you have a low amount of followers on Instagram. Keep your following as low as possible especially. Or, you might just find the new followers you’re attracting are just not that active.

Our Guide to Getting 10k Followers on Instagram

Our Guide to Getting 10k Followers on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most commonly used social media websites. Not only this, but it can also be used for numerous distinctive purposes, which include marketing of products, implementing promotional strategies, generating customers, attracting clients, building PR and sharing your daily life activities. Having a larger Instagram account can be extremely beneficial in all aspects of the internet. That’s why we put together this wonderful guide on getting 10k followers on Instagram!

Now, even though every other person has an Instagram account for sure but just signing up isn’t all. The real task is to attract and target the audience and get tons of followers in order to get exposure and develop and set a stage for yourself.

The question which usually pops up in our minds is; how to get 10K followers on Instagram in a short span of time? If you are thinking the same as well, then you have landed on the right platform. https://alphaready.co/ is one of the finest and most successful platforms which guides you and helps you in attaining thousands and millions of followers in no time.

AlphaReady is known to provide the best services, especially for the people who are stuck and can’t find an alternative to gain a presence on the biggest and most popular social media website Instagram. If you care a lot about getting followers and gaining social media presence in a short period of time, then this is the best place for you.

Here is the AlphaReady step by step guide to attain and get 10K followers on Instagram in no time. Read on to find out

The First Step – Start to Cooperate With People:

One of the best ways to increase the number of followers is through collaboration. Collaborating and interacting with people all across the globe helps in increasing the number of followers within no time. This kind of collaboration can be done by making groups with people from different countries in order to exchange business-related advice, arranging collaborating photo-shoots and promote each other’s business. This not only helps in catching the eye of the audience but also helps in increasing the social media presence. The sense of the community is one of the best ways to gain social media presence and increase the number of followers gradually. Thus, the key is to collaborate and interact with different people all over the globe. The more the interaction, the more will be the number of followers. Quite simple, right?


Create an Attractive Profile:

What is the first thing which can attract the audience and catch the attention of the clients? Well, the answer is developing an attractive profile. If you want the audience to visit your Instagram profile, then the first thing you need to do is create a vibrant and colorful profile with an attractive bio and eye-catching pictures. Moreover, captioning your pictures is important as well. If you want to impress the audience, then make sure you use impressive poetic captions.

Next, don’t be scared or hesitant to drop in some emojis on the Instagram profile, if this is to some degree, a thing which would resound with your viewers. Furthermore, if you have an email subscription page, a website homepage or any other link of a brand, then put that up in your profile as well. This can extend the connection with your followers as well. A great example of an Instagram account applying this is Master Lifestyle where they’re linking out directly to their website! Master Lifestyle has a killer website that is used for a landing page which is used to help expand that connection with their audience!

But don’t worry – your Instagram account page does not inevitably grow quicker by devising a connection in your Instagram bio. At this stage, it is a lot more of a nice-to-have to begin leading in the direction of your viewers and followers that you can completely prepare in the upcoming stages as well. Master Lifestyle and their account on Instagram is a perfect example of a way to be creating an attractive profile!

Master Lifestyle instagram account


Do Not Forget to DM the Followers you Admire:

Okay, so another thing which can help in increasing the social media presence on Instagram is through sending messages and DMs (also known commonly as direct messages and/or direct messaging) to the followers you idealize and admire.

Instagram is all about interacting with people and develop relationships. Just as it is mandatory to create and develop a society of influencers in the nook or niche you are in, similarly, you require the same with the followers as well.

The best way to reach out to the followers you admire is by sending a DM. don’t be reluctant and never hesitate. Just act natural and start a casual conversation. Just remember; prepare yourself prior to beginning the conversation just to be on the safe side. After you have started the conversation try talking about the similar interest. Try to compliment them. This way you can easily attract your ideal follower and have them follow you.

Benefit from this as the opportunity to discover what your ideal follower likes, what issues they have and how you can be helpful in resolving those issues. These chats are really important especially if you are interested in knowing more about the follower on a deeper and entrenched level mainly because their positive feedbacks can help in shaping your upcoming and future programs which can be profitable for your business in the future.


Growing to More and More Followers:

As soon as you put together that preliminary grip, the ensuing approach will certainly provide an additional boost and enhancement to get followers and viewers on Instagram. These are the steps you need to carry out and do.

  1. Recognize the accounts which are bigger and are quite similar to that of your account with the follower count of 50k+.
  2. Test if their viewers are real or fake. There are multiple tools which you can use for checking. Like FameauditSocialAuditPro, and AlphaReady does offer a feature specifically for this. Just contact us if you’re having a hard time finding it!
  3. If most of the followers on their account are real and original then open the throttle of their list of their follower and begin following such accounts.
  4. Begin checking and ensuring who is not following back and unfollow such accounts. There are numerous applications for Android and iOS both for this similar purpose – all you need to do is research a little bit.

In an ideal world, no less than 20% of the individuals that began following, tend to follow back. The more the number of followers the healthier your following to follower ratio is going to be. Similarly, the more appealing, attractive and enticing your newsfeed is, the more individuals follow you back on your Instagram account which ultimately results in higher follower count.

Individuals are more inclined and persuaded to follow back the kind of accounts which;

  • Look genuine and real. Have no fake content or any type of content which is not suitable for younger individuals.
  • Any account which has more followers and less following is more likely to be followed back.
  • Have thousands and millions of followers.
  • The feed of post which is nicely designed also attracts the audience

Other than the follow – unfollow technique you begin interrelating with the better accounts: To begin with, turn on notifications of the post for such accounts. Each and every time they put on a new picture or post you can leave a comment and be the first one to get noticed. Make sure you write something regarding the caption of the picture. Avoid using inappropriate or offensive language (to avoid making a bad impression). Other than this, also try scheduling your posts on Instagram, this can give you more time to engage and interact with your followers.



Increasing Your Followers From Hundreds to Thousands:

After you have formed a good basis for the growth of your Instagram account, it is now the right time to speed up even more. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should put a hold on your previous tasks, all you need to do is add new ideas and try to think of other great methods in order to increase the number of followers in the short period of time. Adding new methods can help in improving the growth and making your profile visible to more audience.

Okay, so the first and initial step is to begin using and expending engagement groups. Don’t know what engagement groups are? Well, here is a little explanation to make the concept a bit clear. These are basically the pods which help in increasing the follower count thus making your follower count healthy.

The second most important thing which can increase social media presence by investing in the advertisements. Other than just posting the impressive pictures and building an enticing profile, Instagram advertisements can be really handy at this stage. In order to run an advertisement on your Instagram account make sure you switch your account to business account first. All you need to do is go to the “edit profile” and scroll down to “switch to the business account”. You can switch back to personal account anytime you want.

Last but not least, time and schedule your posts on Instagram. As soon as you reach this phase, start timing and scheduling your posts. Every time you consider timetabling and organizing your content, more followers begin to engage which results in a higher number of followers.

These are the few steps which you need to take in order to increase the number of followers to 10k within a short period of time. For more such informative articles, stay connected to AlphaReady and read fresh content every now and then

10 Tips For Massively Increasing Instagram Engagement

10 Tips For Massively Increasing Instagram Engagement

Instagram can be an incredible tool for various purposes whether it be for personal use, business or brand use, education – you name it. Any information you want to put out to the world or find is easily accessible especially on this platform. Unfortunately, there can be a bit of a learning curve to increasing your fanbase and boosting engagement. Luckily, we’ve compiled a guide for you of our top 10 tips for massively increasing Instagram engagement. Apply any of these tricks as needed and you’ll see immediate improvement in your engagement, guaranteed.

Know Your Target Audience

Your target audience is going to be one of the most important parts of your Instagram. These are the people who are going to be seeing and interacting with your posts! Being aware of your audience is a vital part of our top 10 tips for massively increasing Instagram engagement. It’s important to select a target audience within the same niche and genre as your posts as these people will be searching for the content that you are putting out and they want to be seeing that specific kind of content!  Niches and targets can range from locations to specific hashtags all relating to what you’re seeking to promote or relate to.

To begin with, we recommend selective targeting of 15-20 various accounts. Interacting with users under the same followings and hashtags will help boost your account. The more specific the target to your account and niche, the better the results are going to be. This will ensure you will be receiving traffic and engagement that are genuinely interested in your content and material.

AlphaReady has an amazing tool called AlphaBoost which essentially assists in the targeting process and improving your engagement, making all these steps much easier for you.

Have Eye-Catching Content

Making sure that your content is eye-catching is a great way to attract followers. Having clear photos that are visible and not over edited or over filtered is an easy way to increase engagement on a post. The easier the photo is to understand and the less overwhelming it is to the viewer the more likely someone is to follow along with it and understand the content being presented.

To explain this a little bit more in depth, you want your photo to be comprehensible. Don’t layer it in filters and make sure that you’re taking a clear, focused image to begin with. People are way more likely to continue scrolling past your post if it’s been oversaturated, sharpened as much as possible and then draped in the filter Valencia. There are tons of guides out there on how to take a good image! Some key information to remember when capturing an image is always looking for proper lighting. If you need to, change your perspective. If you’re feeling adventurous play around with focal points.

Your picture should be able to speak for itself. It should grab a viewer’s attention and have them go, “What’s this?”. It should encourage them to read your caption and possibly even tune in for your future content. It’s important that it stands out and captures the audience that you’re projecting to as this is how you’re going to keep traffic flowing to your account.

An awesome example of a prominent image that attracts the viewer’s attention is on @beautifulcuisines account which has a clear intent. It is well focused, eye-catching, and has a phenomenal colour scheme. These things really draw viewers in whether they see this image on their dashboard or on the discovery page. They vividly describe the content seen and emphasize the details the viewer can see in the image. You can view this post here.

inspiring instagram post

Have Instagram Specific Content

People want to see new and fresh content, simple as that! Make sure that you are creating posts that are just for Instagram so that they go to your account to view more information! If someone could find all your posts and information elsewhere, why would they specifically choose your Instagram to view that? After all, you’re reading a top 10 tips for massively increasing Instagram engagement, not Facebook or Twitter engagement. This is why it is important to create content for your Instagram alone. People will be pressed to know what new content you have to release and want to see what you’ve been up to and your Instagram will benefit from that!

On the odd chance you do decide to recycle content, make sure that it is relevant and fresh for all viewers regardless of which platforms they follow you on. Why would people tune in to your account if there was never any fresh content to see? The answer is they wouldn’t. They would quickly get bored and look for new material to engage in. Look for new and improved ways all the time to be fine-tuning your captions and images.

Post Daily

Post often – they always say “Out of sight, out of mind”, and this can be applied to your account. If you are not posting often, many followers will forget that your account is there or that you are releasing content. You want to remain relevant! On the contrary though, if you post too often and too much similar content, people will be less encouraged to view the same subject over and over again. It is important to find the balance between having relevant content while not over posting as that devalues the information being presented.

Try to come up with a consistent posting schedule so that people know when to expect content from you and when to be engaging with your new material. You can be posting twice a day even, whenever you find peak times are for engagement so that a routine is developed for your followers. Never go several days without posting, you’re likely to lose followers or engagement for being inactive, even if it’s only for a short time. People want consistency.

Engage With Your Followers!

Your followers are there for a reason. That reason is that they genuinely enjoy your content and the subjects that you post about! They’re interested in the same topics and information that you are. Make sure you’re reaching out to some of them or replying to the ones that like, comment and interact with your posts! You’re likely to increase engagement and traffic to your account doing this as people can read your responses and interact with them, sharing their opinions, experience, and knowledge.

Obviously, you don’t have to answer every comment or direct message. You’re going to get some weird responses, questions or spam messages on any platform from time to time, and answering them would be more than tedious. Making sure that you are on top of answering important questions or taking part in discussions related to your content is a huge part of improving your account though. Choose a few of your favorite responses and go from there.

If you’re looking for a way to earn extra income while engaging with your followers, check out our article all about affiliate links and affiliate programs. Here, you can help with your follower’s growth and engagement while improving your own.

engage with your instagram users

Know What To Avoid

It’s important to know the strategies behind your posting and techniques to improve your content. It’s even more important to remember what you shouldn’t do with your account. Being unaware of these can be detrimental to your account’s growth, engagement, and traffic. There are many things that have been suggested to avoid in our list of top 10 tips for massively increasing Instagram engagement, but here is a summary of some key points to remember including some advice previously unmentioned.

    • Avoid targeting famous accounts
    • Avoid posting the same content more than once
    • Don’t post too often – this can seem like spam and can decrease engagement
    • Going AWOL and not posting content for several days
    • Plagiarism, lack of citation and not giving due credit to other sources
    • Don’t choose too broad of niches to target
    • Don’t choose too few targets either, the more the merrier
    • Unclear or unrecognizable images
    • Unclear, grammatically or factually incorrect captions
    • A lack of caption or description for your image and content

Have a Target Message

It’s important to know what you’re posting about and have a clear point to the post. A post that is easy to understand and follow along with will generally get a more positive reception than one that is hard to comprehend and that isn’t entirely clear. For example, if you see a photo of a meal with the caption, “Ah, how delicious” – you understand that the person is posting about good food and you may even relate to the photo or want the food in the image afterward. This is an example of a clear message and something easy to understand. Just like how the message of our article top 10 tips for massively increasing Instagram engagement is clearly stated in our title, your viewers should be able to simply interpret what you’re explaining to them.

Make sure to approach everything as if you were explaining something for the first time to someone. Also, try to make the point of your picture clear to viewers. Assume the consumer is completely unaware of what you’re explaining. Educate them on the in’s and out’s of what you’re posting whether it’s a personal blog post or a product you’re selling. Engagement will only increase when the viewer is aware of what they’re reading and spending their time on. Reinforcing this message in other posts or replies to comments will help with clarity as well! You can affirm your previous statements on other posts. You can also follow through with further explanation for those who are interested. This ties into rule 5; remember to engage with your followers!

Find the Right Time to Post

This one takes some trial and error but timing is important when it comes to your Instagram  It is important to get to know your viewers and know when people will be most receptive to your account and topics. For example, if most of your followers are from the UK but you are posting during the middle of the day in the US, a bulk of your followers may not immediately be seeing your content. It could also get lost or pushed back by Instagram. There’s a chance your viewers may not even see it at all.

Choosing a routine posting time is equally important. Consumers can tune in when they know you’ll be posting to catch your content. They can consistently be there to engage with any new material you have to put out. Making sure that your followers are of your posting schedule will ensure that you’ll have people there to indulge in your new content each time it is released. How can you have an audience for a show without informing them when it’s happening? You can’t. Treat your account with this enthusiasm and point of view and make sure you are consistent with a schedule!


Post Consistent Content

Make sure that there is a clear theme to your page. Whether it be photography, makeup, automobiles or whatever genre – you name it, there needs to be a strong theme and consistent obvious genre to your page. Having tons of topics can be overwhelming for the viewer and often people are searching for very select topics at a time. Therefore, make sure that your Instagram is optimized to whatever niche you choose and stick with that. Be sure to make it clear about what it is you want to talk about.

If you’re an account known for having a specific theme or niche then stick to it. You’ll only confuse viewers throwing in an off-topic post contradicting your account. They’ll be left wondering if they’re following the same account as before or if they missed an important update. You could very well lose engagement and followers due to a lack of consistency. A lot of people will simply unfollow an account if it’s not the content they want to see on their newsfeed. Why would you unexpectedly switch up your niche then? Making sure everything ties together is important with broadcasting a clear message of what your account is about to new followers as well. If they see similar themes across your account then they can be assured of what content they’re viewing as well.

Do Not Be Overwhelmed – Things Take Time 

Nothing happens overnight. Growth may take a while but using our tips and tricks. Luckily, you can achieve that growth on your Instagram overtime super easily. Don’t stress if it doesn’t happen immediately. Some things take time. As many famous quotes state, “Everything takes time”. Good things come to those who are patient. More importantly, to those who go above and beyond and put in tremendous amounts of work and effort. Be passionate about what you do and put your utmost effort into your account. Take the time to perfect every detail from your image to your captions, comments, direct messages, etc. Follow these top 10 tips for massively increasing Instagram engagement to your best ability and apply them where you can, and we can guarantee success with your account growth and engagement.

Think of it as an investment. You’re investing your time and effort into something and you’ll be reaping the benefits beyond the effort you put in. If you’re truly passionate and driven to do this, whether it is for personal reasons or to promote a brand or business and put the work in, you’ll be incredibly successful and see phenomenal results.

Benefits of the Top 10 Tips For Massively Increasing Instagram Engagement

You’re going to spend a lot of time working on your account. That isn’t to be underestimated. Over time, you’ll see all the hard work you put in pay off. Isn’t that all anybody wants in the end? Best of luck.