Best Way to Use Affiliate Links on Instagram

Using affiliate links is a fantastic way to start monetizing your Instagram account. If you are curious about affiliate links or promotions for them but do not have any prior knowledge, then you have come to the right place.

Before we get too carried away, let’s cover affiliate links. It will help to have an understanding of what is an affiliate program. An affiliate program is used by corporations to obtain potential sales or traffic. These programs are promoted by marketers who are not employed by the company to promote their product or service. This is used by influencers, actors, and more! For example, a fitness instructor might signup for an affiliate program promoting a new pre-workout supplement. Once a sale occurs the commission is credited to them!

Once signed up with a corporation for an affiliate program, using the dashboard provided they’ll use an affiliate link to promote the service or product. Every time that someone clicks the affiliates link or purchases the service or product this is tracked. When a purchase goes through the marketer is credited a percentage from the sale. Amounts for an affiliate program do vary as do payment methods.

Listed below is an example of an affiliate link on Instagram using the biography (@steven.ferreira):


Not all programs are designed to sell a service or product, some are a recurring service, pay per click, application installations, views and more. This depends on the company offering the program and what they’re trying to achieve.


How to Use Affiliate Links on Instagram

AlphaReady is a business who has almost mastered the art for affiliate marketing, perfecting it does take time. Here are some steps you should use to optimize and make the most from your affiliate marketing campaign.

When you’re ready for your affiliate marketing journey go to and signup for a free account. This will only take a few minutes is highly recommended. We recommend this so you can keep track of the clicks, locations, and more! Keep an eye on your traffic, using bitly make a big difference.

Using the shortened link provides a unique link. This will help hide the affiliate link from both Instagram, and followers. When promoting an affiliate link be careful. Instagram isn’t always a fan of affiliate products depending on the service or product.

Where to Use the Affiliate Link

Users will normally put their link below their Instagram bio. You can do this by editing your profile! This is the best way to use your affiliate link, or close. Another fantastic way to promote your link is through Instagram direct messages. Make sure you do not spam! Have a conversation and pique their interest.

How to Get Traffic

Let’s be real. You don’t need millions of followers to promote an affiliate program, you just need dedication. Start off by building your following on Instagram. Constantly work on growing as much as possible, don’t stress just keep working away. Building your following will take some time especially if you are busy. You’re in luck, AlphaReady is a dedicated Instagram growth service. This is an option for individuals, business owners, and more! Service for the price is a steal. This isn’t needed, but it will definitely help you.

Promote the link with Instagram Posts

Commonly marketers will post a picture or video promoting that product or service. This increases awareness of the affiliate link on your account. DO NOT post this content often, a negative response will happen if you do. Remember you are looking for the best way to use affiliate links on Instagram, not a quick buck. Be smart about your approach.

When posting the caption let followers know there is a link in your bio, which can be accessed by taping on your username handle. We recommend leaving a genuine review about the service or product that you are promoting. This will build up trust with your fan base and ensure that they know what your personal experience was. Being genuine sells.

This is a great example from @bedroskeuilian:

He is properly engaging with his fan-base, providing an outlet for them to view more of his content and moves them off-site. Find a way to properly engage with your followers when promoting affiliate links on Instagram.


Should you message your Affiliate link on Instagram?

Typically the standard for most marketers is to send out an affiliate link with a product or service. Realistically, this does not always work as one might hope. Sending a repetitive message can be considered spam, you do not want this to happen. If you decide to send a direct message with an affiliate product ensure it is done properly. This can be done with various tactics:

  • Get to build up your network with your fan-base
  • Build a relationship with them through messaging
  • Ask if they have problems right now in this niche
  • Offer a solution with your affiliate product

Just remember you do not always have to send out millions of messages to get a quick buck. If you find an approach is not working right away, do not get discouraged. Do, however, be open to adding a twist to what you know. For all you know, it might just work! Testing often will always allow you to find the best way to use affiliate links on Instagram, always be looking for new approaches.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article! We hope you have massive success on your journey with affiliate marketing on Instagram. If you follow along with the best way to use affiliate links on Instagram you might just strike a gold mine for yourself. Do not give up early on your journey and ensure persistence and dedication to selling.

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