The BEST Tricks To Be Making Creative Instagram Stories

You’re here because you’re looking for the best tricks to be making creative Instagram stories and quite frankly we know it can be a tough one. We hope the resources here will help take your feed/account to the next level! Let’s get into it, shall we?

Instagram stories are an outstanding new way to broadcast your content to your viewers. They are also heavily under-rated. Accounts seldom opt for Instagram stories as a way to push out information which provides an advantage – your posts won’t get lost or buried in someone’s feed. With some people following thousands of users, stories manage to pop out through the clutter of content. Have you ever noticed what the first thing at the top of your screen is on your Instagram dashboard? Instagram stories – and often not a lot of them either. Because of the lack of use or recognition, it’s so easy to use them to your advantage. If you’re the only one doing something, chances are people will flock to your content because of this, so use Instagram stories as a way to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve devised an easy to remember method on how to make sure you’re pumping out the most creative Instagram stories that you can. We call it the 3 Gets. Firstly, Get Creative With Stickers. Use the tools Instagram provides to your advantage. Secondly, Get Users To Interact. Your posts aren’t just empty content, they are there for your viewers. Make sure that your viewers are using these stories to their full potential. Lastly, Get Personal. Nobody wants a dry, boring clump of information. Share things with them. Open up with your followers and encourage them to do the same with you. Involve them in your stories. We can guarantee that you’ll see a massive increase in success with your stories if you follow our 3G rule. Below, we go into more detail and break down ways to use the 3G rule to be pushing out creative Instagram stories.

Get Creative with Stickers – Our Favorite Trick!


Playing with fonts is an excellent way to draw attention to your Instagram stories. A large portion of story viewers will just tap through the stories they view, especially if nothing catches their attention. You can use the various fonts as well as colors and sizes to your advantage to make creative Instagram stories that are sure to stand out.

UFC Senior Social Media Manager Randy Faehnrich spoke out about how the UFC Instagram uses fonts to their advantage when it comes to creating creative Instagram stories, stating,

“For us, curation is everything. IGS in our opinion is a platform that gives the user an intimate experience with the ROS on fight night. Our UFC shows are run tight – timing is everything. From athlete arrivals to preparation in the locker, to the walkout and eventual walk back, we have people set up in positions to capture content at the right time. To add even more pop to the 10-15 second piece of content, we use IGS Fonts to give context in an aesthetically pleasing way – whether it’s with a specific athlete, the city or venue we’re in, etc. Mix & Match your fonts, play with shadowing effects and color schemes – anything that’s going to reflect the piece you’re portraying.”

Essentially, Instagram offers all the tools you need to customize any story you create regardless of what apps or technology you have. You can play around with tones and mix and match fonts to create “noise” in your image to make certain words or messages really pop to the audience.

Share Your Location

Adding a location to your content whether it be a post or story on your Instagram can have several benefits. It’s been proven to have a high success rate on your Instagram stories. Including a location can help put your story onto the trending page for that specific area where others looking for that place, or in the same place can view and access your content easily. Studies show that posts with a location have 79% more engagement than those without. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as location works as a hashtag does. Those who are searching for content like yours can easily view it when accessing location tags.

Instagram makes adding location to stories easy to access. By simply going to the sticker section when editing and personalizing your story, you can add a location sticker and a location – simple as that. By then, your post is already out there to everyone else looking in the area and your content is getting spread for you! (Here’s a cute seal as an example)


You can easily post links back to posts or other places on your story for those who stop and watch them! If you don’t want these to seem obtrusive,  put them behind images or stickers. They won’t be visible unless the viewer taps on the screen, just like a username tag on a post works! They tap the screen and are able to view the link. From there they can follow it on their terms. Having these links can positively impact yours, or other pages. They can even loop back to other creative Instagram stories you’ve posted.


Instagram has a handy tool called the eyedropper. You can match the color gradient to any part of your image or video that you tap. From there you can create awesome designs, wording and art from there that are personalized specifically to your content. We recommend watermarking your stories, then using the eyedropper tool on your logo to create a color scheme on your stories. If you want your wording to really pop, try using contrast or complimentary colors. For example, using orange writing on a blue background will really stand out because of their relativity on the color wheel! To make some really creative Instagram stories, play around with the eyedropper tool. Step out of your comfort zone with color!


Depending on how you look at it, a major downside to Instagram stories is that they’re only viewable for 24 hours. Thankfully, Instagram has found a way around this though. You can create “highlights” on your Instagram page, and categorize them by names, cover photos and in whatever order you want. The Dodo does this as well as featuring their IGTV alongside their highlights so that you can re-watch and find all their content easily!

You can use highlights combined with links to your advantage. Stories and links can direct the viewer back to your page and highlights where they can find similar information and content which boosts your engagement. They also help with the growth of your stories even after they are no longer live.


The easiest way to make creative Instagram stories is with stickers! Use polls, the sliding meter and other stickers in creative ways. Engage with your viewers and get them to interact with your stickers. This makes your story more fun for your followers and they’re more likely to check out your future content! Don’t just make boring, typical Instagram posts and stories. Make creative Instagram stories! Find ways to use Instagram’s tools to your advantage in ways that others haven’t. That will make you truly stand out.

Get Users to Interact With Your Stories!

Encourage Users to Tap

Did you know that the majority of Instagram story viewers already tap through stories? That should come as no surprise. We encourage you to use this to your advantage. Draw people’s attention and make a game out of it. Bud Light did this with a simple story to get people’s attention. What is essentially a tap through time-lapse turns into a fun little game with the incentive of a small dopamine reward when the Bud Light reaches the bottom of the mountain.

creative instagram story example

This is memorable content. Consumers easily remember simple and fun stuff like this when considering a product or information later on. We strongly recommend finding fun ways for people to tap through and engage with your stories. This alone makes for creative Instagram stories.


This is a very broad category. You can approach it in one of two ways;

Questions to the viewers. Ask them how their day went or what they accomplished. Get personal with them and seek insight into their lives. Your Instagram is centered around you, so shift the focus to them and focus on building a connection. People who normally don’t access your content might see this and even reply. Work on those relationships and establish those bonds. This is an easy way to be making more creative Instagram stories and engaging with your followers in a way that isn’t just about you or your content.

Questions from the viewers. Have them have submit questions to you. Make a little Q&A and post the questions with your responses on your story. Choose some of your favorites and have fun with them. This offers insight into your life beyond your business and brand and also helps establish those important connections. Think of these like building trust, and you’re working on both sides and getting to know one another.


This is another fun way to get new engagement on your stories and posts. Incentive is a powerful tool. Even something as little as a shout out or doing a collaboration or giving away product will bring old and new fans together to your content. Get a little and give a little. Not only will contests drive tremendous results but so will applying 10 tips for increasing your engagement on Instagram! Put your rules on your story and let the contest run its course for the 24 hours before the post disappears, then post another story announcing the results and direct message the winner. People will stick around for more contests, or more content. Either way, you’re benefiting from more traffic. This doesn’t have to be a common post, but it’s a nice way to spice up your posts and create more creative Instagram stories.

Ask for Suggestions

There isn’t a point in creating content if nobody is around to see it. Post what people want to be seeing. That is a way to guarantee results. Obviously, if it doesn’t relate to what you want to be broadcasting then don’t entertain the idea. Do incorporate the ideas of others though. If there is a demand for content, then be the one to supply it. You have no clue how many others may be out there looking for the same thing.

An easy way to do this is to make an Instagram story with a questionnaire or poll on what your followers want to be seeing. Take the suggestions as you will and apply them to your account. It may be a slight change in schedule or post accessibility. It could also be requests for new content. Working with your viewers will establish loyalty and credibility for yourself though. This will translate to all other parts of your business. People will see that you listen and care, and come see what else you have to share or say.

Get Personal

Behind The Scenes

Show your viewers what it’s like to be in your shoes for the day! They see your content and everything they produce – but where does it come from? Post pictures and videos of your office, of you editing, of your travels or food or day to day life. Everyone has a life offline from social media. You never know how much one of your viewers may relate to what goes on in the background of your life. They just might be more inclined to watch your content or even reach out to you personally about what you’re doing!

This doesn’t have to be an everyday thing if you don’t want it to be. It is, however, an excellent way to be making more creative Instagram stories compared to just a boring wall of text. This will truly stand out and make your followers seem like you’re opening up to them. It offers a feeling of exclusivity and builds a connection between the two of you which strengthens your brand and business.

How to Guides/Step by Steps

Show your fans what you know! Chances are, they’re interested in the same things you are, and would likely jump at an opportunity to broaden their knowledge on the topic. It doesn’t matter how much they know or whether they’re an expert or novice. New information is new information and it’s there to help those who need it. Those who do apply it will be extremely appreciative too. This increase the chance of those people returning for more of your content.

Instagram stories are a fast way to do this while providing several options to broadcast this information as well. You can post one story with a tutorial video, for example, linking to a post on your account with more details for anyone interested. Another way is to create what is essentially a time-lapse video. You can post several images step by step that seamlessly flow and divide information so that it’s easy for the consumer to digest. They can pause or hold the screen on whichever frame they want to follow along and then proceed to the next story when they’re ready to do more. There are tons of other methods to posting guides, but they result in great personalized and creative Instagram stories.

Accounts You Love

Feature similar accounts on your page! This adds to a sense of credibility. It creates a sense of friendship as well, as they are your personal recommendations to your followers and something of value to yourself that you are sharing. You can simply use the tag option on your story to link to another account. Screen recordings or reactions to these accounts are beneficial as well. Another benefit of sharing accounts you love is that one account might like you as well and return the favor! Sharing other accounts increases the chances that yours is shared as well and that more people view your content. Remember, viewers aren’t just fans! You can enjoy their content too and give back to everyone else. It is all about building personal relationships.

Sneak Peaks For Your Instagram Stories

Have any up and coming content? Release teasers of what is to come! Build a following for future projects and create hype behind everything. The more support ahead of time, the better. Having people ready to support what you release creates a solid foundation behind your brand. These kinds of creative Instagram stories positively impact your growth. In turn, more and more people will see your credibility and follow along for your journey. So, feel free to post sneak peeks here and there of what you are working on. If you’re still finding your struggling to be growing your following feel free to take a look at the services we offer! We have helped hundreds of users just like yourself turn their Instagram account into the next great thing!

You can combine this with tutorials as well and show people how you go about your work, and how they can be applying your methods to their projects. This again creates a feeling of insight, and makes the consumer feel like they are a part of your personal life. Build those relationships. Not everything has to be picture perfect or finished to be released. Everyone is human.

A great example of an influencer and very successful entrepreneur is Bedros Keuilian He is someone who has been absolutely dominating Instagram and has been growing thousands per month. He always is sharing with his followers some behind the scenes at his work and personal life. His stories always go the extra mile and he is killing it with his creative Instagram stories!

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