Drop the High Followings on your Instagram Account.. Learn Why.

Hey there and welcome to today’s article in this we’re going to be covering why you should be keeping a lower following on Instagram. With this, we’re going to be covering some of the top reasons that we believe everything stated here to be true. We would at least hope so, seeing as how we log it as a metric here at AlphaReady! Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of why you should stop with the high followings on your account.


Why Should You Have a Lower Following?

The reason that you should have a lower following on Instagram is due to the fact that Instagram themselves has limits in place for the number of people that you can be following in total on your account, more information can be found here. Realistically it would be extremely hard for any user to follow more than 7500 users on their account and stay up-to-date with every single person that they’re following, it would be extremely difficult. While taking this into consideration; Instagram wants to have a community or platform that is extremely active with engagement on content, to them this would be everything from liking, commenting, to direct messaging users with networking. It’s not like we have access to Instagrams information and the way that they work directly, however, to us this would seem to make the most sense, logically.

We’ve found when an account had a lower number of people it was following, that accounts performed much better than when you have a higher following amount. The reason for this is mainly due to psychological factors such as the account generally looking more appealing to any user that comes across your account on Instagram. This is why we really do recommend that you keep your following lower on Instagram and avoid the potential backlash directly from this. Not only this but you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to get targeted followers on Instagram by dropping some of the clutter on your account.

Drop The High Followings on your Instagram Account

AlphaReady also uses this metric ourselves and keep constant tabs on it for all of our clients. So what do we call it? We call it influence rate. We provide this in all reports for all accounts across our analytics dashboard, you can simply get it from generating a report. If this is a feature you’re interested in grabbing for yourself you can signup here for our services with stellar results for growing your Instagram account. Back to the subject topic, the reason we do this is that it looks attractive to potential advertisers, fans, and any new traffic that comes across your account on Instagram!


How do You Calculate Influence Rate?

You might be wondering how do we log the influence rate? Well if this is something you’re interested in doing all you have to do is take your total followers number and the current count of your followings (The people you’re following) and divide the followers by the followings. Just to note the higher the value the better, a higher number will generally result in higher spikes in engagement rates, increase in new users following your account, and overall just a better user experience on the platform. Seems like it’s a big win to not have high followings on your account, right?

Everything presented here is going to benefit your account in the long run, but it’s also going to save you from having a sloppy feed on your Instagram account. This is enabling yourself the chance to keep a clean feed and stay up-to-date with friends and families post for content on Instagram that you truly do want to be seeing and engaging with. Realistically, why wouldn’t you start getting rid of the high followings on your account? It really will and can be beneficial when done properly!


The following graphc is from one of our accounts ran personally here on AlphaReady. Just to show the influence rate is a metric we do track across all accounts.

influence rate graph


Final Recap

I hope that this guide and information has helped you so that you can avoid the deadly traps of Instagram by having a high following. Try and think about it as an outsider’s perspective (so somebody who is not yourself) and you’ll find that you wouldn’t necessarily want to engage with someone who does have a higher following, because you really don’t know how active they might be on your Instagram account or how active they might be as well, don’t worry too much about the unfollowers Instagram accounts you might come across. You could start the process to mass unfollow Instagram users across your account with our services, or start doing it yourself, either way, it’ll be fine! Just incase you decided you wanted to get those users back we offer a option to copy followers instagram tool if you’re needing a backup of the current users that you’re following!

If you found some value in this article please feel free to check out our guide on how you yourself can be getting over 10,000 followers on Instagram, it shouldn’t be much longer of a read than this and we guarantee you that those tactics on that article are going to benefit you in the long run!

Side-Note: If you have a low amount of followers on Instagram. Keep your following as low as possible especially. Or, you might just find the new followers you’re attracting are just not that active.